“Every time I pick up a brush, lay my fingers on the keyboard, draw a line or put my feet on the dance floor, I am transported.”

Laura Cerwinske

A student of spiritual practice for 40 years, Laura approaches Creativity action as a means of uniting with divine instinct. Her broad range of expression is informed her training as an artist and long experience as a writer. Her courses teach the power of self-expression and her books, blogs, and fiction are excursions through the secrets of transformation, weaving memoir and mythology, metaphysics and art, quantum thought and healing. None of Laura’s classes require any experience or expertise in spelling, punctuation, grammar, or logic.


RADICAL WRITING: A Masters Class in Writing and
is a program of creative and spiritual power-
building. Through the daily month-long online course, Laura
guides students to indulge in the fictions, rather than the facts,
that lead them to their inner truths and their effortless telling.
DEALING with CRISIS is designed for those in urgent need
of new perspective. This class simply requires a willingness to
hear one’s inner voices without censorship or judgment.
THE DAILY COMPASS, which is offered both online and
in book form and also relies the stream-of-consciousness
RADICAL WRITING technique, provides a thought/phrase
each day designed to prompt access to the subconscious.
is offered through the Wise Woman University, is designed for
those who desire to recompose the energetic/emotional field
that defines their mother/daughter relationship, even if the
mother/daughter has passed away.

Much of Laura’s wide-ranging body of visual art work derives
from and comments on the history of art. Her earliest work
explored the portrait and decorative traditions of illuminated
More recent series include wall-size paintings and graphic
collages and prints. Her body of sculpture known as the Art
of Fulfaggotry celebrates Creativity ­the Female principle ­as
the Supreme Expression of Power.
Laura has written, edited, and produced memoirs,
illustrated books, magazines, and videos. She publishes
e-books and printed books through Blue Hair Lady
Laura is available for in-person workshops and speaking
engagements on the role of Creativity in physical healing and
psychological exploration.