My great devotion is to Creativity. I love Art so much I wish I could eat it.

Laura Cerwinske

I am an artist and writer, the published author of many books and I teach four online courses that evoke the power of trans-formation: RADICAL WRITING: 15-minutes-a-day to Creative Liberation, an Online Masters Class in Writing and Creativity (www.radicalwriting.com) DEALING WITH CRISIS, a write-at-your-own-pace class designed for those in urgent need of new perspective,THE DAILY COMPASS, Each day, a new prompt for a one-page dive into insight and self-expression and RECOMPOSING THE MOTHER/DAUGHTER BOND or How I Survived My Mother and Lived to Teach the Tale and Love Her, designed for those who desire to recompose the energetic/emotional field that defines their mother/daughter relationship, even if the mother/daughter has passed away. (http://tinyurl.com/aohr9e2)


My publishing company, Blue Hair Lady Publishing (www.bluehairlady.com) is devoted to books and art that reveal that joyful intensity. The publications are excursions through the secrets of transformation, weaving quantum thought and healing, metaphysics and art, memoir and mythology. I do, in fact, have blue hair which is an expression of a style I think of as “Imperial punk” – a royal blue homage to the older women of past generations, like that of my grandmother, whose fashion was to rinse their coiffure blue, and the younger rebels who enjoy the provocation of an “unnatural” color. I enjoy the way my blue hair thwarts anticipated perceptions. A salesperson once looked at me and asked, “Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?” As an artist, what greater question can you generate. My answer was, “I don’t know. Are you?” Blue hair is an illustration of my philosophy of life, of the great possibilities we have everywhere for self-expression – and of the great privilege of living an expressive life. Many people in many parts of the world live in situations so limited by struggles to survive or restricted by reactionary governments that individual expression is out of the question. The Blue Hair Lady symbolizes individual freedom, just as Creativity expresses Divine Power.